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Hypnosis Downloads and Reviews

If you’re looking for hypnotherapy experts, advice or even just some hypnotherapy downloads, you’ve come to the right place. We are a directory of hypno info at your fingertips!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can benefit people in so many ways. Whether you’re troubled by guilt, lack of confidence or even just feeling not quite yourself . Hypnotherapy is around to retrain your personal thoughts so that your mental processes automatically begin to focus on positivity and beneficial things.

For example, self confidence is something that alot of us often have issues with occassionally. By performing regular sessions of hypnosis, whether with a hypnotherapist or not, you can begin to restructure your thought processes to make self confidence your natural frame of mind.

Try Out These Hypnosis Downloads

10-Step CoursesGrief and LossPersonal Skills
Addiction HelpHealth IssuesPregnancy and Childbirth
Anti AgingHealthy EatingQuit Smoking
Anxiety TreatmentHypnosis PacksRelationship Help
Bad HabitsHypnosis TrainingRelaxation Techniques
Cancer Treatment SupportInterpersonal SkillsSelf Confidence
Children’s HypnosisJob SkillsSelf Esteem
Clinical HypnotherapyLearning HelpSexual Problems
Communication SkillsMotivation and InspirationSleep Problems
Dealing with Difficult PeoplePain ReliefSocial Anxiety
Depression Self HelpParenting SkillsSports Performance
Emotional IntelligencePersonal DevelopmentStress Management
Enjoy LifePersonal FinanceThinking Skills
Fears and PhobiasPersonal FitnessWeight Loss
Fun HypnosisPersonal Productivity

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

Will I Lose Control?

You will always be in control. The hpnotherapist can only offer suggestions for you or your mind to consider. It’s up to you to decide whether to accept the suggestion or not. This is the same when listening a pre recorded hypnosis session aswell. Even when in a state of hypnosis, a part of your mind will act as ‘observer’, your mind will not allow you to do anything against your values or ethics. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, simply press stop or ask your hypnotherapist to pause.

How will I feel during hypnotherapy?

You will feel relaxed and basically feel like you’re very close to falling asleep. A part of your mind will be entirely relaxed, while another part of your mind will be aware of the process and alert to all that is going on.

Will I end up doing silly things?

Hypnosis is not like the performances on stages or tv. It’s about looking inside yourself and focusing on desired outcomes. Any hypnotherapist of hypnotherapy session that promotes strange behaviour would be unethical.

What happens in a typical hypnotherapy session?

Hypnotherapists will provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to share some of your relevant personal stories. Your hypnotherapist will help you along and guide you through this. Your goals will be identified, then you will be taken through relaxation techniques, before being guides through relazing guided visualisations and suggestions. These will all be designed to promote or achieve your hypnotherapy goals.

Interested In Self Hypnosis Downloads?

Sometimes It's Easier To Start Small At Home With A Hypnotherapy Download, Rather Than A Session With A Hypnotherapist .

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