Hypnosis For Therapy

Hypnosis For Therapy

What exactly is hypnosis for therapy? Does hypnosis actually work for therapy or is it just a bunch of physchobabble? If it does work, how long does it take and will it work for my situation?

These are some of the most natural questions to ask when considering if hypnosis or hypnotherapy are right for you.

How Is Hypnosis Used In Therapy?

Hypnosis therapy is actually called hypnotherapy which is usually a form of guided hypnosis. The specific intent of is to induce a listener into a hypnotic and suggestive state.

Once in this state, the hypnotherapist will guide the listener through a series of scenarios in order to help develop a desired response to what is usually an undesirable problem or habit.

By doing this, the listener begins to retrain their brain and thoughts to hopefully overcome their difficulties.

Right, How Does Hypnotherapy Work In The Real World?

A real world example of this could be something like hypnosis for weight loss.

Now wait a minute….

Of course you can’t just lie down and listen to a hypnotherapist talk to you about losing weight, then watch in amazement as the pounds falls off and you see that mythical six pack emerge out of nowhere.

Absolutely not.

However, if you can identify the habits and behaviors that normally lead to you doing or eating the things that are preventing you from losing weight, then hypnosis therapy can tackle these behaviours and begin to reduce them.

A Quick Example Of How Hypnosis For Therapy Works:

So let’s say it’s Tuesday night and work has been horrible, you know you should go over to your fridge and prepare the food, but you have a little voice in your head pleading for takeout.

Hypnosis therapy will work on the impact that little (sometimes big!) voice has on your thoughts and behaviours, hopefully to the point that the voice no longer exists.

In this way, your subconscious is being reworked with intentional and beneifical beaviours through hypnotherapy.

It’s not magic, it’s not always that easy, but hypnosis does work.



“The Man Who Could Not Eat In Public”

Hypnosis For Anxiety Therapy: Real World Case Study

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has described a case of man who could not eat in public due to extreme anxiety.

This is a great example of how hypnosis can be used effectively for therapy for what must surely have been an extremely difficult problem for this young man (23 years old).

How did Hypnosis Therapy Help This Young Man?

The hypnotherapist identified the issues being faced by the patient, basically he couldn’t eat in public without having anxiety and panic attacks. This included:

  • Couldn’t eat with his friends
  • Could eat in front of women and couldn’t start relationships.
  • Couldn’t go to the pub for a drink

Hypnotherapy Aims:

My aim was obviously to find and remove any underlying fears that were causing the anxiety, and then to move the client forward to have a few convincers those things were changing; then to build on those successes and allow the client to realise that its okay to feel comfortable in all situations, where appropriate.
Hypnotherapy Techniques Used:

I used rapid and progressive relaxation inductions, and during the therapy I used hypno-analysis, gestalt, suggestion, metaphor, timeline and NLP.

These hypnosis therapy techniques were used over 5 sessions.


Hypnotherapy Results:

After the 5 sessions were complete, the man who could not eat in public called up to discuss his success.  He reported feeling much better about himself after the sessions:
  • He could now go out in social environments, feeling calm and confident.
  • He started a relationship with a girl who he had known, but always held back due to his eating difficulties.


These types of examples are quite common for a range of different conditions and difficulties that hinder our everyday lives. This case study is proof that Hypnosis can be used for therapy and very effectively at that!


How Long Does Hypnosis Therapy Take?

This question is often asked and is obviously a difficult one to answer.

The length of time hypnotherapy can take to work will depend on the severity of the condition and the receptiveness of the patient.

That being said, you may start to notice differences in thoughts and behaviours in some fashion after your first sessions. Sessions following this serve to further consolidate your thought patterns.

How Long Does Hypnotherapy Last?

The effects of hypnosis therapy can last a lifetime. If done thoroughly, the changes to behaviours and thoughts can be permanent, which is amazing news from people suffring from additions or debilitating conditions.

The actual feeling or state of being hypnotised usually fades quite quickly. The guided hypnotherapy sessions usually end with the practitioner slowly leading you back to a waking and alert state. Usually at this stage you actually feel fantastic, like you’ve woken up from a refreshing nap!

What is Hypnosis Therapy Used For?

Hypnosis therapy is most useful for neurological or mental issues.These are things that you can quite easily and effectively retrain with some guided hypnosis, like our example above with anxiety. These techniques can be applied to a range of issues, like weight loss, smoking, general bad habits, procrastination and confidence to name a few.

If you have a very direct physical injury, hypnotherapy may be able to help slightly with pain management and pain relief techniques. The degree to which this works will depend on the injury, but essentially it works by changing the way your brain interprets and responds to pain signals.

Does Hypnosis Work For Smoking?

Yes! There have been a multitude of successful scenarios where patients have been able to fully quite smoking within a few sessions. As these are deeply routed psychological changes, they are permanent.

Meaning once people do quit, they are able to happily stay cigarette free.


Interested In Hypnosis Therapy?

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