Hypnosis For Confidence: Case Study Proof

Hypnosis For Confidence: Case Study Proof

Feel More Self Confident In Any Situation

Life can be difficult enough at the best of times. However, if we’re trying to get ahead in work, life or love and not feeling confident; it can become hard to cope. There are a myriad of ways to improve self confidence, but can hypnosis help? We’ll take a look at hypnosis for self confidence today and see what the story is.

How Can Hypnosis Help With Self Confidence?

The most obvious question right? Can I just listen to hypnosis while I sleep and retrain by brain?

Well yeah, kind of. By leading your subconscious mind through a professionaly structured hypnotherapy session for self confidence, you can begin to reshape your thoughts & feelings.

What Does Confidence Mean To You?

We’ve all had anxiety before a meeting, interview, presentation or date. Our mind tends to do the opposite, focus on what could go wrong, why you shouldn’t say hi to that person or start that conversation.

Confidence is of course all in your mind and is evident in the way you approach these new or potentially scary situations. It’s being able to look at a situation and willingly throw yourself into it, because you know you can handle it and be okay.

  • It’s calling up that guy or girl you’ve been thinking about and asking her on a date.
  • It’s arriving in an interview room feeling calm and in control.
  • It’s walking up to the lectern to give a speech, smiling and feeling excited.

Sometimes that level of confidence isn’t easy to achieve though is it? How can you achieve that natural confidence that some people appear to be born with? There are many ways to improve confidence that are termporary, like listening to music, improving posture and using relaxation techniques.

However, hypnosis or hypnotherapy can create permanent improvements in your self confidence. Let’s see how that works in real world case studies!


Hypnotherapy For Exam Confidence – Case Study 01

This case study was put together by a hypnotherapist called Karl Nainani. It describes the process a young woman suffering from performance anxiety & a lack of confidence relating to upcoming final year exams.



Negative emotions and beaviours were found to stem from her parents encouraging and favouring her brother academically. There was little encouragement for her and this led to feelings of low self-worth an dlow confidence which was affecting her studies and ability to perform academically.


The patient went through four sessions. These were focused on reframing retraining and reframing internal scripts. ie the way she spoke to herself in her mind was tweaked to discard negative labels about the self and introduce positive expression. Additionaly, she was assisted in creating ego boosting suggestions, focusing on relaxation breathing, creating mental anchors and the patient was taught self hypnosis.


The case study was a success. The patient was able to go into exams and feel a normal amount of anxiety, rather than the overwhelming distress she felt previously. She felt more confident in her abilities and her future generally. The hypnosis sessions also developed her own self hypnosis skilles and triggers, so she could call upon them at any time.


Hypnotherapy For Self Confidence In Relationships – Case Study 02

This case study was put together by a hypnotherapist called Susanna Sweeney. It describes the process woman named Julia who had lost confidence in herself due to a destructive and recent divorce.



  • No confidence she could provide for herself or her family financially
  • No self belief that she was a good mother
  • No confidence to move on and pursue her dreams


Julie went through a few sessions, the main goal was to build up Julias sense of self esteem and confidence. While suggestion hypnosis was intially tested, it was found that Julia needed to partake in regression hypnosis, which is deeper level look into the subconscious. The sessions delved into the root causes of her feelings of inadequacy which steemed from a feeling of responsibility from her parents failed relationship.


The sessions allowed Julia to forgive her parents and forgive herself. She solidified her decision to leave her husband and founf the confidence to go out and get a job. A few years later, Julia can now be found at night on the new desk she created, putting together collages and a vision board for her new life. She reported feeling much more confidence and that the hypnotherapy changed her life for the better. When she finished the treatment, she started having business ideas and a much more positive outlook for her future.

How Can Hypnosis Help Your Confidence Levels?

So now you’ve seen that hypnosis for confidence is real and does work. But the above case studies might be a bit different to what you need. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to find a hypnotherapist if you’ve been to one before.

If you are considering trying hypnotherapy, why not start of small? There are a range of profesisonaly created hypnosis downloads for boosting confidence for you to listen to on your smart phone or computer. It’s a great way to start getting the benefits of hypnotherapy without all the hassle.

Top 3 Free Hypnosis Videos For Self Confidence

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