Hypnosis For Depression – How Does It Work & Is It Effective?

Hypnosis For Depression – How Does It Work & Is It Effective?

Hypnosis For Depression – How Does It Work & Is It Effective?

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a feeling of apathy, sadness and listlessness that an individual suffers. As the depression persists, the patient loses interest in his daily activities, lacks self-esteem and does not enjoy anything he does. The body also suffers from the consequences of depression. This disease leads to insomnia, decreased libido, chronic fatigue and lack of appetite or overeating.

The individual has a pessimistic outlook on the future and may be irritable. In some cases depression leads to suicide because the individual could not find meaning in his life. Fortunately, there are several treatments for depression. One of them is hypnosis, a method that works on the subconscious mind of the individual generating positive changes in thought and behavior.

Hypnosis is a method by which the therapist suggests changes in ideas, behaviors, sensations, and perceptions through hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis for depression is highly effective in treating this mental disorder. This method achieves that the patient perceives the world in a positive way and recovers his desire to live.

Hypnosis For Depression Case Studies:

Below are two real-life case studies that show how hypnotherapy can solve depression.

Case Study 1:

A 31-year-old married office worker and mother of two children leads a seemingly happy life. She enjoys an excellent job, a loving family life and a fantastic relationship with her husband. Despite this, she begins to feel sad without explanation.

This situation extends over time and negatively affects all areas of her life. She does not enjoy her work tasks and cannot concentrate on anything. She is not happy with her children or her husband. She was so depressed that she did not feel like getting up in the morning to go to work. Her husband noticed how much she was suffering and recommended hypnotherapy.

She began attending hypnotherapy sessions and felt better from day one. Through the different sessions she discovered that she had several emotional wounds inside her since her childhood. She had never properly processed several losses, including the death of her father. These unresolved traumas were negatively affecting her present life. The depression was the manifestation of the sadness she had experienced from her past losses.

Within a few sessions of hypnotherapy she was feeling better, regaining the willpower she had before.

Case Study 2:

A young girl of 22 has been fighting depression since she was 14 years old. She describes her childhood as a happy time. She was a very dynamic child and loved to play sports. She changes dramatically during adolescence. At the age of 14 she becomes insecure, unmotivated, unwilling to do anything. She could not face any personal challenge even if she wanted to.

The problem was that she did not trust herself and abandoned all projects. The depression began to negatively affect all areas of her life. She dropped out of school several times, had unsatisfactory relationships and was unable to stabilize in any job. Worst of all, she started drinking heavily and began to engage in self-destructive behavior.

At the age of 22 she was encouraged to attend hypnotherapy sessions to overcome her depression. She quickly noticed positive changes in her behavior. Basically the hypnotherapy strengthened her self-esteem, she feels confident and has a positive outlook on reality. These positive changes in her mind and behavior improved her quality of life in all areas.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Depression

Hypnotherapy works directly on the patient’s subconscious mind, accessing valuable information that will help overcome depression. The therapist guides the patient through a deep relaxation, so he feels in a reliable and safe environment. Hypnosis captures the dysfunctional beliefs that make the individual feel depressed. Hypnotherapy eliminates these harmful ideas and replaces them with positive perceptions. These ideas positively impact the individual’s mind and manage to change their behavior for the better.

Hypnosis manages to activate the resources that the patient has in his subconscious mind to overcome any adversity. Hypnotherapy corrects negative patterns of thoughts that lead the individual to doubt himself. Thanks to hypnosis the individual firmly believes that he enjoys a blissful reality. He will then manifest that belief in any circumstance.

The patient discovers that he has had misconceptions about himself and the reality around him. Once he realizes that, he begins to develop healthy interpersonal relationships. He also improves the relationship with the surrounding environment, as he no longer sees reality as hostile.

Regaining our power

One of the most positive effects of hypnotherapy is the fact that the patient regains his own power. Hypnosis guides you to take control of the thoughts that inhabit your mind. The individual no longer allows various dysfunctional beliefs to overwhelm and harm his life.

Thanks to hypnotherapy the patient eliminates negative ideas and creates constructive ideas that favor their reality. The individual begins to love himself, leaving behind any belief that questions his value as a person. This new mental attitude is reflected in the patient’s outside world. All areas of his life begin to function as it should.


Hypnosis for depression is a highly effective technique for overcoming that mental disorder. Hypnotherapy combats harmful beliefs and perceptions that lead the patient to depression. The main benefits of hypnotherapy are as follows:

  • Hypnosis cleanses the mind of negative ideas and replaces them with cosntrucive beliefs that improve the patient’s quality of life.
  • Hypnotherapy corrects dysfunctional beliefs that lead the patient to distrust his or her own ability.
  • The patient develops a positive outlook on life and re-trusts a better future.
  • The individual improves all his interpersonal relationships and has an active social life again.

If you’ve been suffering depression lately, you should know you can start to overcome it. Encourage yourself to download some helpful hypnotherapy for depression MP3’s. Remember that if you don’t treat depression in time, it can negatively affect all areas of your life.

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