Hypnosis For Gastric Band Effects

Hypnosis For Gastric Band Effects

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people around the globe. It is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. The consequences of obesity and overweight on health are dire: heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, arthritis, hypertension, gynecological problems, among several others. Throughout history, medicine has tried to solve this disease through many methods. One of them is gastric bypass surgery. This procedure makes surgical changes in the stomach and digestive system, producing a limitation in the amount of food ingested. Due to these changes, the individual eats much less than before and weight loss occurs. This surgery is attractive for those who need to lose weight, but it is also highly risky. This surgical procedure has long-term side effects that should be seriously considered.

Fortunately, those who suffer from overweight and obesity can opt for an effective solution: hypnosis for gastric band. Hypnosis is a technique that uses an altered state of consciousness to establish a treatment for a health problem. During a hypnosis session, the therapist gives the patient various suggestions aimed at producing positive changes in thought and behavior. Through this technique the mind can be convinced that the stomach has shrunk and that the individual will eat less. It is not invasive, since everything happens in the mind.

How gastric band hypnosis solves overweight

Gastric banding hypnosis produces the same benefits as surgical intervention, but carries no risk because it all occurs within the patient’s mental structure. Through hypnotherapy the patient’s mind is actually convinced that the stomach has been reduced and that therefore he should eat less. In addition to implanting this belief in the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy deposits healthy eating habits in the patient’s behavior. This method connects the feeling of satiety with the patient’s mind and body. Hunger is controlled and he learns to eat correctly. The patient handles negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, avoiding that these affect his eating. Basically, gastric band hypnosis changes your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and sensations for the better. You develop good eating habits, and your body slims naturally without forced sacrifice.

Real life case

Hypnotherapy improves people’s quality of life in a practical way, working on habits and behavior that harm the patient. Hypnosis allows the individual to achieve their goals by finding within himself the necessary resources.

The following is a real life case study of how hypnotherapy for gastric banding can help a woman lose weight.

-Case: a South African woman accustomed to traveling for work to different countries of the world develops significant overweight due to poor eating habits. She had always been thin, but due to poor eating behavior she was 66 lbs. overweight at the age of 38. She wanted to lose weight before the age of 40 and was encouraged to try gastric banding hypnotherapy sessions.

During her first session, she and the therapist talked about her eating habits and the behaviors that led her to gain weight. She felt a change from the beginning and simply started eating less. She also had to listen to recordings at home that contained relaxing messages that then focused on changing eating habits. She had to listen to them every day, morning and night.

The woman managed to develop an exemplary eating behavior: she ate small portions of food, did not eat snacks during the day and eliminated sweets from her diet. She finally lost 66 lbs. and never gained them back.

This is how this successful procedure works

Gastric banding hypnotherapy is a procedure by which the patient’s mind is convinced that the stomach has been reduced because the body has undergone gastric banding surgery. The mind accepts this idea because a deep change in perception has occurred. Everything happens inside the patient’s mind, since it is never operated on surgically.

After this “virtual surgery”, the therapist tells the patient new and healthy eating habits through hypnotic suggestions. The mind is positively reprogrammed and the patient begins to manifest a healthy lifestyle.

The desire to eat decreases and anxiety is controlled. This process works in a natural way, since the patient does not have to make any effort. Hypnosis makes the individual eat healthily by choice. He does not count the calories of what he eats nor does he become obsessed with the nutrients of the food. The patient feels happy and calm in choosing a healthy way to eat.

The valuable resources that hypnosis has

Gastric banding hypnotherapy has a valuable method and several useful tools that make the patient lose weight in a natural way. During the hypnosis session, the therapist installs in the patient’s mind the idea that a gastric band has been placed around his stomach.

The mind accepts this belief as true and the individual begins to eat less and lose weight. The rest of the hypnotherapy sessions are aimed at making changes in habits that will improve the patient’s quality of life. The therapist gives indications such as drinking plenty of water every day, eating slowly, enjoying food, eating small portions, not eating snacks, eating at appropriate times, among other suggestions.

These ideas aim to make the patient have a good relationship with food. The individual learns to taste food without eating excessively.


Hypnosis for gastric band effects is an effective method of weight loss because it convinces the subconscious mind that a gastric band has been placed around the stomach. The patient eats less without going through any effort and begins to lose weight. Here are the benefits of this technique.

-You don’t run the risks that gastric banding surgery would entail.

-Negative eating habits are left behind and are replaced by healthy habits.

-The patient loses weight naturally, without effort.

-The mind is positively reprogrammed to eat properly.

-The body changes its perceptions and gets used to healthy eating.

If you want to lose weight without running the risks that come with gastric banding surgery, you should try the benefits of hypnosis. Encourage yourself to download some helpful hypnotherapy MP3’s. You can lose weight without suffering unnecessarily.


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