Hypnosis for Happiness: How To Feel Happier Naturally

Hypnosis for Happiness: How To Feel Happier Naturally

Happiness is a state of mind that the individual feels when he is satisfied to enjoy something pleasant or because he is enjoying what he has desired. Happiness is an ideal that we all want to achieve although few people manage to be completely happy. This desire reaches all people: those who go through difficult circumstances and those who enjoy a privileged lifestyle. The most surprising thing is that some who seem to have everything like money, success, love, and good health claim to be afflicted. That means that personal dissatisfaction encompasses all kinds of people. This increases the search for happiness, since everyone wants to experience it in this life. Over the years people have sought happiness through many methods. One of them is hypnosis, which is a valuable technique for achieving happiness. Hypnosis is a method by which a therapist succeeds in installing certain thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in the patient’s mind, through the hypnotic state. Hypnosis for happiness is the perfect way for the individual to experience full satisfaction in his reality.

This is how hypnosis builds happiness

Hypnosis is a method that works the subconscious mind, which is the place where our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards life are deposited. One of the reasons why people are unhappy is because their mind is inhabited by dysfunctional beliefs and wrong thoughts that prevent the individual from feeling satisfied with himself. A hypnotherapy session corrects those errors, allowing the patient to achieve happiness. Below are the main ideas about how hypnotherapy builds happiness.

-Relaxes the mind so that the patient feels comfortable and allows the therapist to introduce positive ideas and behaviors into the patient’s mind.

-Hypnosis removes the root of dysfunctional beliefs that impair the full development of the individual.

-The therapist introduces images of optimism and happiness into the individual’s subconscious mind so that he accepts them as part of his reality.

-Hypnosis allows direct influence on the patient’s behavior. He ceases to have behavior that is harmful to himself and others. The individual experiences a change of attitude that is reflected in a beneficial behavior for himself and his environment.

-Thanks to hypnosis you can create the best version of yourself, leaving behind limiting beliefs.

-Hypnotherapy transforms your thoughts to benefit you. Your negative beliefs are left behind.

-Hypnosis unlocks the potential to grow in any career, achieving the proposed goals.

-You will be able to find happiness in any context, no matter how complex the situation you are going through.

-Your interpersonal relationships will be strengthened from the root.

Real-life cases

Hypnotherapy is a fundamentally practical technique aimed at improving people’s quality of life. Through hypnosis, the individual eliminates behaviors, perceptions, attitudes and negative thought patterns that seriously harm his reality. Next, two real-life cases about how hypnotherapy creates happiness in individuals.

-Case 1: a male digital journalist reveals how hypnosis completely transformed his reality during a period of his life that was having a really bad time. When he was young he lived in London and worked in a job he hated. He felt deeply dissatisfied and knew that his mind was making him feel worse. At that moment he knew that he had to do something to transform that situation, but he didn’t know how to do it. A friend suggested that he attend hypnotherapy sessions to feel good. He knew nothing about hypnosis, so he was skeptical about it. However, he decided to attend hypnotherapy to transform his life. In only three sessions, hypnotherapy succeeded in eliminating negative thought patterns that were damaging all areas of his life. He was feeling better and better and the therapist suggested combining hypnosis with self-hypnosis. He accepted and thanks to hypnotherapy he achieved the happiness he so desired. The most valuable thing that hypnotherapy left him is the transformative power he has for reality. The positive changes that hypnosis generates have deep roots and last a lifetime. In addition, this transformation positively influences the environment and interpersonal relationships. Today he is a new man who is satisfied with his own life.

Case 2: a British photographer was deeply dissatisfied with her life. She had decided to become an independent photographer, to be her own boss. At first this decision brought her into financial trouble. This made her doubt her own ability, lack of confidence and develop anxiety disorders due to her unstable situation. A friend recommended that she attend hypnotherapy sessions to feel better. At first she was very hesitant about this method but eventually decided to start hypnotherapy. She met her hypnotherapist, a loving woman who she liked very much. She found hypnosis to be very effective from the first session. The treatment lasted eight sessions, in addition to the task of listening to audios at home. Hypnotherapy made extraordinary transformations in her life. She overcame her anxiety, felt more confident, and strengthened her self-esteem. Hypnosis turned her into an empowered woman who achieves everything she wants. The most valuable thing that hypnotherapy left her is the perception of herself now. She used to define herself as a shy and anxious woman. Hypnosis eliminated that dysfunctional belief. Her mind now focuses on her being a successful woman in every way. She finally found happiness: she is a being who achieves absolutely everything she wants.


Hypnosis for happiness is definitely the best method to achieve the fullness of being in the reality we live in. Hypnotherapy has benefits that lead to the construction of our own happiness.

-Creates a deep relaxation that allows the mind to receive positive ideas and beliefs that suit the individual

-Cleanse the mind of all existing negativity.

-You can create the best version of yourself. So hypnotherapy helps you be a happy person.

-Eliminate harmful behaviors and create healthy behaviors.

-You eliminate limiting beliefs that prevent you from being happy.

If for the last years of your life you’ve been looking for happiness without being able to find it, encourage yourself to download some helpful hypnotherapy MP3’s that make you discover your own inner glow.

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