Hypnosis For Insomnia: Case Study

Hypnosis For Insomnia: Case Study

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which the individual has difficulty falling asleep or finds it difficult to continue sleeping. Insomnia has a negative impact on the quality of life, affecting his/her ability to concentrate, diminishing his or her physical performance, lowering his or her work performance and damaging his/her mood.

If the problem persists over time, the individual may suffer from anxiety and depression in the long term. Insomnia is an issue that can be successfully resolved through hypnosis, as this technique works on the deep roots of this problem. Hypnosis is a method of suggestion in which a therapist gives indications to the patient while he is under the hypnotic state to which he has been induced. These indications are intended to control and solve the problem posed by the patient. Thanks to this technique the patient changes his behaviour for the better and leaves the problem behind. Hypnosis for insomnia works by deactivating the thoughts and worries that prevent good sleep. Hypnotherapy relaxes the whole body, so that it is immediately ready for sleep. In addition, this method reduces the anxiety that the patient suffers, helping him/her to calm down and sleep well.

Real-life case

Hypnotherapy is a useful technique that improves the patient’s quality of life in a practical sense. Here is a real case of how hypnosis has solved the problem of insomnia in this patient.

-Case: a publisher suffered from insomnia when she was studying at university. She couldn’t sleep because of the pressure of her college career and the financial troubles of her family. Her life got worse when she also started to suffer from anxiety and depression. She felt so bad that she no longer felt like herself. One day she was encouraged to have hypnotherapy sessions. During each weekly session, which lasted between 15 and 30 minutes, the therapist pronounced suggestive phrases to be implemented in her subconscious mind. She would then listen to recordings at home that contained those suggestions for her to overcome her insomnia. The suggestions deeply relaxed her body and mind. After eight months she overcame insomnia thanks to the hypnosis sessions. What she liked best about hypnotherapy was how this technique clarifies the mind, generates positive messages and allows her to control the quality of our thoughts.

Insomnia: a global problem that hypnosis can solve

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder suffered by a large part of the world’s population. The busy lifestyle we lead leads to situations of stress, anxiety and nervousness that cause the appearance of insomnia. The individual begins to develop obsessive thoughts, exaggerated worries and deep distress that prevent him/her from falling asleep. It also happens that he sleeps a few hours and wakes up several times during the night. The next day he/she wakes up tired, cannot carry out his daily routine efficiently and is likely to be in a bad mood. Insomnia negatively affects work productivity, physical health and interpersonal relationships. This sleep disorder is so damaging to the individual’s reality that urgent measures must be taken to resolve it. Hypnotherapy is the only solution, as this method works on the beliefs that inhabit the individual’s subconscious mind. These negative ideas are responsible for the individual’s discomfort. Hypnosis will eliminate the negative thoughts that prevent the patient from having a restful sleep and in turn will create perfect conditions for deep sleep.

Hypnosis: a realistic solution to insomnia

Hypnotherapy changes your perspective on the problems that affect you. It changes your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that have been seriously damaging your quality of life. Hypnosis is a therapeutic resource that allows access to contents that are lodged in the subconscious mind, which are not accessible from the conscience. During a hypnotherapy session the therapist creates an atmosphere of trust and security that makes the patient feel good. This allows for deep relaxation and effective problem-solving language. Hypnotherapy controls external and internal stimul,i so that sleep occurs naturally, automatically and without effort.

Hypnosis: An Efficient Method

The first thing that hypnotherapy does is to detect the physical, physiological and psychological causes that generate insomnia. This technique then develops strategies to deactivate these causes, which are perfectly adapted to the patient’s individual needs. These strategies are then applied accurately so that the patient finally achieves deep, restful sleep. Hypnosis eliminates the muscular tension that generates insomnia, as well as deactivating the intrusive thoughts that prevent the individual from falling asleep. This cognitive deactivation also eliminates the exaggerated worries that the individual has about his environment.

During the hypnotherapy session the patient listens to suggestions specially created for him/her. These suggestions replace the intrusive thoughts with images of peace, tranquillity and serenity that induce sleep.

A solution that exists within us

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that we have created ourselves because we have responded negatively to external stimuli that stress us. Fortunately hypnotherapy activates a healing process that is naturally within us. Through this method our mind finds again a way to activate a restful sleep. We fall asleep again automatically, without the obstacles of intrusive thoughts and muscle tension. Hypnosis deactivates stressful thoughts, which is one of the causes of insomnia. Our mind flows in peace and serenity so that we get the rest we need.


Hypnosis for insomnia is the effective solution for this sleep disorder. This technique works on the root causes of this problem, which inhabit the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy eliminates all thoughts and beliefs that prevent good sleep. Those negative ideas are replaced by images and sensations that generate serenity in the individual inducing him in a deep sleep.

The benefits of hypnosis in the treatment of insomnia are as follows.

-Recover the natural ability to sleep

-Muscle relaxation

-Elimination of intrusive thoughts that prevent deep sleep.

-Creation of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that induce sleep.

-Creation of images and sensations that generate serenity in the patient, which help him to sleep well.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, encourage yourself to download some helpful hypnotherapy MP3´s. Remember that your quality of life can improve through good sleep quality.



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