Hypnosis For OCD: How Does It Work?

Hypnosis For OCD: How Does It Work?

The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a neurological problem that manifests itself through obsessive thoughts that generate fear, anxiety and restlessness. This mental health problem significantly deteriorates the quality of life of the individual. First of all, those who suffer from OCD waste a lot of time attending to their obsessions. This generates instability, in addition to a significant reduction in productivity. It also affects the time the individual spends with his family and leisure time. This mental disorder affects the daily life of the individual, as he avoids many places and situations that could trigger their worst fears. OCD also affects work life, as he may refuse to perform certain tasks that produce anxiety. It is also common that those who suffer this disorder are unpunctual, since they lose time in bad and persistent thoughts. As a result of such unbalanced behavior, it is common for those with OCD to lose their jobs. No company could tolerate such emotionally unstable employees. For this reason, those with OCD have a complicated work life or are simply unemployed because their own personality prevents them from doing so. Science has designed several methods to solve OCD. One of them is hypnosis, an effective technique that treats psychological problems in depth. Hypnosis for OCD has been shown to be highly efficient in treating that problem.

How hypnosis helps solve OCD

Hypnosis is a method that uses an altered state of consciousness to establish a specific treatment for a mental or physical health problem. During a hypnosis session, the therapist suggests changes in thinking and behavior that the patient then applies in his daily life.

OCD is a fairly complex problem, but hypnosis manages to control and solve it through the application of various strategies.

-First a hypnotherapy session begins with a deep physical and mental relaxation that significantly reduces anxiety.

-Your mind will be disconnected from the problems. Hypnosis centers you in the present tense, leaving aside the past and the future.

-Your subconscious mind will control your obsessive thoughts, preventing it from altering your conscious mind and impairing your behavior.

-Hypnotherapy allows you to detect the cognitive distortions that distort reality. That means you won’t maximize the dangers or minimize your own ability.

-You will overcome irrational thinking. One of the main characteristics of OCD is the development of catastrophic thinking that makes no sense. Hypnotherapy allows you to recover logic and reason.

-You can visualize yourself as a serene individual who is not burdened by any obsessive thoughts.

Real-life cases

Hypnotherapy is a practical and realistic technique that focuses on solving a problem so that the patient has a good quality of life. Hypnotherapy changes for the better the beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors that negatively affect your reality. Below are two real-life cases of how hypnotherapy transforms reality for the better.

-Case 1:  a young 27-year-old girl with dynamic behavior and a positive mentality has been suffering from OCD since the age of 20. She had tried to overcome that problem with different techniques but one day she decided to try hypnotherapy. She has the compulsive behavior of checking every window in every room in her apartment. She also checks the taps in her home before leaving. This compulsive behavior takes her three hours a day. When she is away from home she feels distressed and wonders if she has checked properly. The therapist asks her what would happen if she did not check the taps and windows in her home. She responds that it is probably a panic attack and that something bad would happen. Then the therapist asks her when she started having these fears. She answers that her fears started when she lived in an apartment shared with several college students. One of them was highly emotionally disturbed and had tried to burn them out three times. That memory still haunts her today. As the hypnotherapy sessions progressed, she felt better and better. She checked the taps and windows only once or twice, felt more confident, and had already forgotten about her disturbed roommate.

The hypnotherapy relaxed her mind and eliminated the catastrophic thoughts that disturbed her, recovering her normal life.

-Case 2: A 43-year-old man working in computer science suffers from OCD. He has developed an obsession with the magic rituals that bring good luck. He thinks that if he doesn’t do those rituals everything will go wrong. He has realized that these rituals take up many hours of his day, which negatively affects his daily life. OCD interferes with his work, mainly the creative process. In turn, his income has been reduced because he spends more time doing rituals than working. One day decides to do hypnotherapy to overcome OCD. As treatment progresses the therapist discovers that the origin of this problem is in the childhood of this patient. His family is from Eastern Europe and there are practiced many rituals to promote good fortune. This patient needs to do these spells to be successful, and it was a way to preserve the family tradition. Surprisingly he did not want to stop doing rituals even though he was doing hypnotherapy. Fortunately, the therapist found a valuable solution to this problem. The patient continues to cast spells in his mind, which does not interfere with his work performance. He used to do rituals with elements, which took a long time. Mind spells take very little time and do not affect your work or financial life.


Hypnosis for OCD is the effective solution for obsessive and persistent thoughts that negatively alter the patient’s quality of life. The benefits of hypnosis are multiple, as this method works the subconscious mind.

-Eliminates anxiety.

-It focuses attention on what you are living now.

-You control the quality of your thoughts.

-You detect and eliminate cognitive distortions.

-You begin to identify yourself as a serene individual.

If you are suffering from OCD you should know that you can control and overcome the complexity of your obsessive thoughts. Encourage yourself to download some helpful hypnotherapy MP3’s that will improve your quality of life. Don’t let OCD advance over all areas of your life.

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Case 1


Case 2

OCD Case 1

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